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Business Counsulating – A key to success

Business Consulting, Business Consultant, Business Consulting Israel Nava Oron’s approach to business consulting comes from defining the clients’ business objectives and then having the appropriate infrastructure in place to implement them. 
She will consult and support from initial start-up and goal setting, to long-term developments and implementation of various stages. 

Professional Business Consultant

Nava Oron's goal as a business consultant is to help you create a solid infrastructure that will lead to success.  She guides businesses and entrepreneurs in creating an organized and efficient work environment, helps company owners to manage their financial records, addresses time and task management issues, and supports business development and promotion. 

Business Consulting Services

Nava Oron offers the following services and is able to help you at these different stages:

● Business Concept – defining goals

● Business Infrastructure –office organization and environment 

● Financial Management – pricing, cash flow, accounting, cost and revenue analysis, budgeting

● Promotion – preparation of promotional materials, branding, developing and promoting a service or product

● Online Promotion – developing an internet presence, website, social media, blog, online advertising

● Business Efficiency and Management – time/task management and planning

● Staff Management – support, guidance and compensation

● Business Events and Projects – project management, guidance and support in planning and coordinating events

● Business Planning – defining, analysing and creating future plans


‘Nava provided excellent outside perspective and helped me put my focus on the important details.’ – Client testimonial.

Nava Oron – ‘Turning YOUR ideas into successful businesses’






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