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Business Coaching

What is a business coach?

A business coach is a professionally trained business advisor and mentor. They assist and guide a business owner in starting, growing and developing a successful enterprise. This includes clarifying goals, objectives, strategies and structure for marketing and finance. They work with their clients to help them develop the skills necessary to achieve business goals.

A business coach is like a sports coach.

A sports coach will push athletes to achieve their optimum performance in the same way that a business coach helps a client to focus on the areas where the business needs development.

What are the services of a business coach?

In a large company there are departments with trained professionals that specialize in their field. This is different to owning a business where the responsibility of running the enterprise is on you. These responsibilities could be: branding, marketing, sales, pricing, product or service development, financial management and customer service. A business coach will help you set priorities and decide on where to focus first, so that your business can reach its highest potential.


Who will benefit from business coaching?

• Business owners who wish advance their business to the next level

• Entrepreneurs who wish to start a new business and are in need of assistance to know where to begin

• Business owners who feel overwhelmed and need help deciding where to focus their priorities

• Business owners who wish to have better control of their business finances

• Entrepreneurs who are not sure what would be the best business idea for them

• Individuals who wish to manage their time better and become more efficient

• Business owners who wish to manage their businesses better and increase profitability


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